McDonald’s Loyalty Rewards

Buck teamed up with Wieden + Kennedy to create a design and animation system for McDonald’s new Loyalty Rewards program. The national campaign included 29 menu items, along with customizable frames and pedestals. I was brought on to the project to help concept, and I went on to design a handful of the menu items. This is a selection of my work on the project. 
My Role Designer
Creative Buck
Agency Wieden+Kennedy
Group Creative Director Daniel Oeffinger
Creative Director Sean McClintock
Animation Director Chad Colby
Producer Andre Araujo, Tracey McDonough
Storyboard Ege Soyeur
Design Ayla Mortada, Heewon Kim, Jaedoo Lee, Kuu Chen, Loris Alessandria, Max Vogel, Milena Bucholz, Yukyung Lee
Animation Dan Cantelm, Diego Abad, Gilles Desmadrille, Johan Eriksson, Kyle Snider, Paola Chen Li, Po-Chen Chia, Sean Merk, Veró Gomez

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